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Bonus Software: Keyword Analyzer

Many people have requested a way to find out data (such as search volume, CPC & Competition) for keywords, so we’ve created a supplementary tool that is free for QuestionForge PRO license holders: Keyword Analyzer.

Grab your results from a QuestionForge Scrape and get search volume, CPC, and advertising information with the click of a button. Then, filter and export based on a variety of parameters, such as minimum and maximum search volume, minimum and maximum CPC, and more.


Keyword Analyzer licenses are automatically generated as your QuestionForge PRO license is created. If you have not received an email with your Keyword Analyzer license info after 15 minutes of purchasing QuestionForge PRO, please contact support so we can get you taken care of.

Please be sure to view the user guide as it shows how to get your free API key here (Interface Settings – Section 1).