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Kingmaker Software develops software for every stage of your digital marketing endeavor. From niche research & analysis, content solutions, website deployment and maintenance automation, social media tools, PPC tools & more. For digital marketers, by digital marketers.

Market Research

Tools to help you uncover valuable targeted research, analyze demographics, and more..

Website Optimization

Tools to help you build websites faster, optimize & improve existing websites, and more..

Paid Marketing

Tools to help you craft, track & optimize your paid marketing campaigns to cut costs and increase revenue.

Authority Amplification

Tools to help you quickly & effortlessly boost your trust and authority in your desired niches.
Software for Every Phase of Digital Marketing
Driving Traffic
From deciding markets to enter to choosing the ideal target keywords and demographics.
From creating the perfect website to custom-tailoring landing pages, sales funnels & more.
Choosing the right advertising venues, targeting the right demographics & keywords, and outmanuevering the competition.
Tracking results to determine which landing pages, funnels, sales copy, and targeting produce the maximum ROI so you can scale and dominate.
Kingmaker Software develops software for digital marketers, because we are digital marketers.
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About Us
Our goal is simple. We aim to help automate complex and time-consuming tasks so you can focus on growing your revenue.
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