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Below you’ll find some of the tools we’ve released to the public. If you’re looking for custom or private bots, please message us and we’ll be in touch.


Q&A Grabber

Now you can get unlimited new content with a few clicks of the mouse. Curate relevant popular questions and answers that Google serves front and center in their result pages so you can build your authority, rank higher, and make more sales.


QuestionForge PRO

Uncover thousands of targeted, longtail, question-based keywords that the Google Keyword Planner & expensive keyword research tools won’t show you. Perfect for content marketing ideas & blog posts, video topics, FAQ sections, PPC campaigns, and more.


VidTag Grabber

If you want your videos to rank well on YouTube, utilizing keyword tags is an essentialand often overlookedstep. Stop throwing random keywords in hoping your videos will rank, and start uncovering and utilizing keywords that your competitors use with just a few clicks of the mouse.