An Update About

QuestionForge Standard

Unfortunately, the free version of QuestionForge (the Standard Version) is no longer available. QuestionForge PRO v2 is in the works and is a full rebuild of the software from the ground up. Unfortunately, this rebuild has become a massive undertaking, and it is no longer feasible to maintain two versions of the tool.

Instead of a stripped-down free version of QF, we’ve decided the best route to go is to offer a fully-functional free trial of PRO.

QuestionForge PRO Trial Info

We do apologize for any inconvenience caused by the removal of the (Standard) versionPlease note that current users of the Standard version will be able to continue using the software for as long as it works (i.e. until Google makes a breaking change to their autocomplete/autosuggestion code).

For all new users, we’re offering a 5-day free trial of QuestionForge PRO – no payment or credit card information required. Click the button below to grab your copy so you can give it a test run and decide if it’s a tool you’d like to add in your arsenal.