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Q&A Grabber v2

Introducing the latest edition of Q&A Grabber, the most powerful destkop-based PAA scraper on the market. This version is a complete rebuild, and lays the groundwork for a number of new and exciting features that will be pushed over the next few months.

Download Details

Important: If you already have a key for a previous v1 purchase, please use the same key for v2. This should be in your purchase inbox. If you’re unable to locate your key, please open a ticket with the link at the bottom in the “Need a Helping Hand?” section at the bottom of this page (not through live chat).

Use the button below to download the latest installer for Q&A Grabber v2 for your preferred operating system (Win or Mac). If you have any issues, please be sure to check the help info below. If you’re unable to resolve your issues, please open a support ticket and we’ll be happy to help.


Current Beta Update is Windows Only, macOS version will be compiled in the next day or two (along with any fixes implemented).

The new beta for multithreading and proxies is now live. Before using, please read the proxy & multithreading overview here, as it contains important information about how to choose the right proxies and save on proxy costs.

By utilizing the multithreading & proxy features, you agree that Kingmaker Software assumes no liability for proxy costs and data usage.


PLEASE DO A SMALL TEST BATCH OF KEYWORDS BEFORE ADDING LARGE AMOUNTS OF KEYWORDS and verify the output is what you’re expecting before full bulk scrapes.

You can continue to use Q&A Grabber in single-threaded mode and avoid proxy costs by leaving the proxies blank/unset (in General Settings Tab).

Please do not try to export to XLSX until a fix is implemented.

NOTE: If the software immediately jumps to failed during bulk scrape after install, please close and re-open and it should work as expected. Will get a fix for this published asap.

MUST READ (takes about 3 minutes and can save you time, effort, and money):

Proxy & Multithreading Best Practices

Once you’ve read the above, please download and install the beta with the link below:

Download v2.2.9.9 (Windows)

Download v2.2.9.8 (MacOS) (Intel-Based Only at the Moment)

If you have any issues with this version, please open a support ticket with the details and we’ll get them resolved for the 2.3.0 release. In the meantime, you can download the last official build (2.2.1) from below to continue using the previous version of the software.



There are many features planned for the next several releases of Q&A Grabber. A roadmap + voting will be published soon. In the meantime, here are the planned additions for v2.2, which should be pushed very shortly.


  • Fixes for any newly reported bugs/issues
  • Tables in HTML format during export
  • Custom Export Formats
  • WordPress Posting
  • More Spinning Services
  • Image Scraping & Customization (text overlay, image tweaking, etc.)
  • Video Scraping & Embedding
  • Projects (save settings/keywords/WordPress posting targets/etc per project, run multiple projects at once)
  • Fast Mode – Scrape just first PAA results per query (instead of clicking through to pull more), use those results as query for new results, X levels deep – the way most online PAA services do things)
  • Multiple Export Formats per scrape (instead of just 2 max)
  • New Option: Remove Keywords from Entered Search Phrase textbox as they’re processed
  • New Option: Save both spun and unspun versions of results during scrape

Need a Helping Hand?

Having issues installing, activating, or using Q&A Grabber? Want to report a bug? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Please be sure to check the Documentation (link below), and if you don’t see the info you need, send us a message & we’ll get you sorted as soon as possible.

Note: A lot has changed between the release of v1 and v2. New documentation and tutorials are in the works. In the meantime, the interface and functionality are similar to what is shown in the help docs (for v1), and most newer settings have descriptions in the app itself. 

First: Check the User’s Guide

Then: Contact Support